Saturday, August 14, 2010

Seven Ways To Wear A Square Scarf

One: Belt

Fold into a thin rectangle and tie around your waist or through your belt loops.

Two: Drape

Loosely drape the scarf over your shoulders so the ends rest on your back

Three: Shawl

Drape the scarf loosely from elbow to elbow with the scarf stretching behind your back to each side.

Four: Classic

Twist once around your neck, leaving one end resting on your back.

Five: Head wrap

Loosely tie around your head (But tight enough that it doesn't fall around your neck) and pull the fabric as far as possible over your hair.

Six: Faux Tie

Fold into a thin rectangle and tie a loose-ish knot in front, leaving some space between the knot and your neck.

Seven: Fashion Scarf

Tie around your neck like you would a neck scarf. Like a choker, but not tight enough to choke you!


Purse Accessory

Tie around one or both handles of your handbag.
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Friday, August 13, 2010

I discovered ChicTopia through a Teen Vogue contest, and I am a regular visitor. On Chictopia, the people's fashion destination, you make an account and start earning Chic points. When you reach 200 Chic points, you become part of the style council and you can vote on pictures other people put up. If you earn large amounts through logging in regularly or posting pictures, you can redeem clothes, jewelry, etc. There are forums where you can talk about celebrities, fashion, beauty, interests, and ask for fashion help. It's a great site to find you're style, an catch up on the latest trends. Check it out:
Picture via Chictopia Style Gallery
User: Kisforkani (Style Icon)

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Betsey Johnson

I absolutely adore Betsey Johnson's designs. I visited her store in the mall in West Palm (I can't remember the mall's name) and I fell in love with gorgeous dresses that I could only dream of wearing to Homecoming or Prom. Her store has this upbeat, kind of girly/ punk feel, with popping pink walls and black and white tiled floors. The instant I rounded the corner, I wanted to go in, before I even knew who the fabulous designer was. I really admire Betsey Johnson because her designs aren't the cliche' and bubble gum pink chiffon, but darling dresses with bits of edge and attitude. Wearing one of her dresses could give any girl confidence.

Picture via Goggle.

Marc Jacob Love

I love these Marc Jacobs bags! I so wish I could buy one of these so bad!
His bags are so polished and to die for. I really like the quilted fabric feel and look, and I like the way he uses gold metal tones in the zipper and clasp/hook/Etc pieces.
A Marc Jacobs bag is a staple for any wardrobe. And hopefully, someday it will be in mine.
(In order)
Marc Jacobs Leather Stam Handbag $1275.00 (
Marc Jacobs Trendy Clucth Bags in Pink $149.00 (
Marc Jacobs Black Quilted Hobo $1195.00 (

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

All Nighter

This is the polish I use on my toes, and I love it! :DD
It's called "All Nighter" on the Pure Ice line by Bari Cosmetics.
Their site is
This polish has a beautiful metallic luster and the brush makes it easy to apply.
And because I'm so messy with nail polish, I am happy to report it comes off finger tips easily.
I bought this nail polish at Walmart when I was in West Palm Beach a few weeks ago, and have continuously wearing it.
it tends to come off a bit on the tips of my nails and when I was at the beach, the salt water and sand took it almost completely off.
I give it an 8 of 10.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

DIY Scarf

I made this multi colored scarf in this picture, and it only took me about 4 hours of continuous work. To make your own scarf, follow the steps below:

  • A new average sized roll of yarn of your color choice
  • A K/101/2-6.50 MM crocheting needing (Mine is from Boye and you can find them at any craft store and some Walmarts)
  • A few small balls of different color yarn for fringe

**Note: This project requires medium crocheting skills. There are plenty of How-To's online to help you, but learning is a bit difficult over the internet.

Step 1: Chain 100 basic crochet links

Step 2: Crochet 6 loose rounds

Step 3: Add fringe:

I used really long peices, and what I did is I used an already cut peice to measure the others. For my fringe, I used primarily a coral pink, and added 6 strands of turquiose yarn, and 3 peices of the yarn I used for the body of the scarf.

Just make sure you evenly distribute your less common colored fringe, to give an even look.

With Love,



I'm getting my new glasses today!
It's going to be so good when I can see again!
I've heard there is a big trend in "nerdy" glasses, which are basically plastic rimmed in tons of cute, bright colors.
Love it!

Monday, August 09, 2010

Jeffrey Campbell My Way

Chictopia ( is hosting a contest for Chictopian members to design a shoe from the skeletons of three shoe desgins: Swansong, Foxy, and Maya.
The link is:
I entered a shoe design for the Maya skeleton, and to find it and favorite it,
search MissSmile1423 and go to my ChicBlog.
Entries are still availible for entry,
"Two Winners will be chosen for The Jeffrey My Way Contest and receive an exclusive "Question and Answer" session with Jeffrey Campbell, a pair of Jeffrey Campbell shoes and a pair of their winning design."
Via Chictopia Jeffrey My Way Contest Page

Teen Vogue!

I finally got my September edition of Teen Vogue, and I think I'm in love.
I really liked the article about teens doing outragous things for designer clothes and fashion shows (Hot Topic: Guilt Group by Evonne Gambrell)
The things girls will do for fashion is quite ridiculous, and they'd rather steal from someone who earned those clothes, instead of working for them themselves.
It's truly quite saddening.
Also, I liked this month's Beauty Blogger story, called Monster Ball by Eva Chen. It's abotu Lady Gaga and her entertaining fashion sense and her promotion of MAC Viva Glam products for AID research.
I just adore Lady Gaga, because she's not affraid to wear something totally crazy and fierce. In a way, she's a bit of a role model, someone to look up to that cares more about how she sees herself than everyone else.
Overall, this edition of T.V. was awesome! I loved it! <3