Saturday, August 14, 2010

Seven Ways To Wear A Square Scarf

One: Belt

Fold into a thin rectangle and tie around your waist or through your belt loops.

Two: Drape

Loosely drape the scarf over your shoulders so the ends rest on your back

Three: Shawl

Drape the scarf loosely from elbow to elbow with the scarf stretching behind your back to each side.

Four: Classic

Twist once around your neck, leaving one end resting on your back.

Five: Head wrap

Loosely tie around your head (But tight enough that it doesn't fall around your neck) and pull the fabric as far as possible over your hair.

Six: Faux Tie

Fold into a thin rectangle and tie a loose-ish knot in front, leaving some space between the knot and your neck.

Seven: Fashion Scarf

Tie around your neck like you would a neck scarf. Like a choker, but not tight enough to choke you!


Purse Accessory

Tie around one or both handles of your handbag.
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