Saturday, July 24, 2010

Illiterate People

I can't stand those people!
They message you on facebook saying "hey" or "sup" with no capitals or punctuation or grammar!
Or, if your like this one girl I know, they post something on your facebook wall, and they spell your name wrong. On your wall. With your name almost all over the page.
For example, I got a post on my wall once that said

"siera you shouldnt have that pic up of you it bad and you get in trouble with yur parents and thats not good just wanted to let you know okay"

First of all, my name is spell C I A R A, not Siera, which isn't even the correct spelling of that spelling of my name.
And second, there is no punctuation. No commas, periods, apostrophes, colons, etc. !! Seriously?!
And third, the capitalization in this wall post is horrendous.
I can't stand people like this, who don't know how to type sentences correctly.
Thank goodness my boyfriend is just as literate as I am.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Snooki? Jersey Shore?

This show is so ridiculous!
Fake tans and pickles and Guidos!
I seriously just saw the Season 2 commercial and it
was Snooki saying that trying fried pickles
'was life changing'.
My gawd. Can she be any weirder?

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Pretty Little Liars

I love this show!
I read the first two books before the show started and I absolutely loved it!
Id have to say I'm most like Spencer, because I'm practically OCD about my grades.
However, I don't really like how they over dramatized the show.
Like at the end of the Home Coming episode, when they made it seem that Emily had died because someone changed the population sign. That was just uncool.
They shouldn't do something like that especially when its based on a book.

Trench Coat

I am in love with this coat.
Its $19.99 on ebay and I just WISH I had a Paypal so I could buy this darling coat!
Yeah yeah, I know its summer, but fall is almost here, and this is a coat I could wear until March!
This is definitly what I want for my birthday, along with a dvd version of Breakfast at Tiffany's!
This coat also comes in white with black buttons, and then completely black.
I personally prefer the black since stains wont show to much and its so chic!
Love it!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Movies That I Will Someday Own

When I get my first apartment, this is the list of movies that I want to have in my personal collection.

Breakfast at Tiffany's (Haven't seen it yet, but I hear it's amazing!)
The Devil Wears Prada
The Blind Side
Remember Me
The Last Song
PS I love you
How To Lose A Guy in 10 Days
Dear John
The Notebook
Uptown Girls
13 Going On 30
Miss Congeniality
Grease (All of them!)
Bye Bye Birdie
Little Miss Sunshine
Legally Blond

Leave me comments telling me what other movies I should add to the list!

You know you love me,
Gossip Girl

(Sorry! I just HAD to! Ive been reading GG all day so it just comes naturally.)

Remember Me

This movie is really sad, and I almost cried at several points.
Robbert Pattinson stars in this movie, that takes place in mostly 2001, and it leads up to September 11Th.
My mom actually didn't like this movie, she thought it was weird,
but I,
I really connected with it.
Like Caroline, the little sister who goes to her first sleepover and gets half of her hair chopped of among other cruel childish-bullying things.
At one point, sweet and artistic Caroline was me.
I was like the little girl standing in the foyer unsure if she should join the group.
I was like the little girl telling her big brother not to smoke and believe in him.
And other parts, like in the very beginning, when the mother was robbed and shot in front of an 11 year old Ali,
it broke my heart.
I know of love,
and I know of heartbreak.
And this movie tells the story of both.
I suggest you watch it with an open mind and prepare to be enlightened.

Monday, July 19, 2010


Yes! I have a wonderful, fantastic, uber handsome boyfriend!
His name is Collin and today is. . . .
Our six month anniversary <3 :3
Aside from being my fabulous boyfriend,
he's my best friend and we talk about everything and anything.
I met him in history class last year, and he really changed my life.
Without him, I don't know where I'd be or if I'd even be here.
Just remember,
Love is divine.

School Bags

Does anyone know where to get a school bag?
I kind of want a tote style bag, but it must be durable.
My bag from last year was PERFECT, it was a fuchsia vinyl leather bag from Roxy and it was ah-maz-ing!
Hopefully I can find another awesome school bag for freshman year. :DD

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Front of the Class

This movie is about a teacher with Turrets and its so sad!
The teachers name is Mr. Cohen and he teaches 2ND grade.
He is easily the coolest teacher ever!
Like he wears all of these different hats for different lessons and has the most fun way of teaching geography.
Plus, he has a class rabbit called WAFFLES.
But some people don't like Mr. Cohen and aren't really nice to him.
For example, one of his students fathers pulled their father out of Mr. Cohen's class because of his turrets.

Talking Instead of Texting

So yeah, really, I prefer talking on the phone over texting.
Its kind of weird though because I send about 5,000 texts a months, but only spend about 350 minutes on the phone a month.
You see, my boyfriend and I cant talk ALL the time so we text when we can. I guess it makes it easier to stay in touch, but sometimes its just not the same.
But when your on the phone, you can have a whole discussion in half the time and you can hear them laughing and the emotion in their words.
But that's just opinion.

With <3
Ciara Julyy