Saturday, September 11, 2010

Homecoming dress by De Laru

Oh my gosh, how I love this dress! As you can see, it's light blue with black netting over top, and black beads in a flowered pattern from De Laru. This dress fits me PERFECTLY, and I love it! It comes to about the middle of my calf, which, I know, is a bit long, but I don't mind. You can't tell from the pictures, but the skirt has a lovely poof to it. The detail on the straps is fabulous, and it was an absolute steal!
I found this dress at Hope Chest (a thrift store), well actually my aunt and mom did, for $20!!
The dress was orignially priced at 40 in the thrift store, btu was half off. But I Googled, and this dress was once sold at Nordstrom's and Macy's! So this is a great deal! Buying a new dress for every formal dance is just too expensive. and besides, the vintage-ish style of this dress is SO me!
I'll be modeling this gorgeous dress for pictures that will be posted with tips to find designer clothing and shoes at places like thrift stores.
mwauh mwauh, love you,


So sorry for not posting in almost a month! School has been hectic and everything has been upside down. But I'm back, and I'll be modeling my homecoming dress for a post that will come out on Wednesday, called "Beaded Bargain". I'm posting preshoot pictures, to show you some detail on this gorgeous dress.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Your Back To School Checklist

Hair Cut []
Nails Painted []
Tan Perfected []
Makeup Planned/Done []
Clothes Picked Out []
Shoes Ready []
Shower The Night Before []
Shave Legs, Etc []
Backpack Packed []
CellPhone Charged []
Lip Gloss Ready []
School Supplies []
New Schedule []
Smile Perfected []
Accessorized []
Breakfast Eaten []
People To Sit With At Lunch []

It's once again a school night for most of America. And if you are like me, you'll be waking up bright and early (I'll be waking up at 5:30am) tomorrow morning. There isn't a second to waste, live up the rest of summer (No matter how uneventful it was, mine was basically defined by Project Runway), which only has six hours and fifty one minutes (According to my clock) left.
Good luck to all of my freshman darlings,
and to the rest of you, too.