Monday, August 09, 2010

Teen Vogue!

I finally got my September edition of Teen Vogue, and I think I'm in love.
I really liked the article about teens doing outragous things for designer clothes and fashion shows (Hot Topic: Guilt Group by Evonne Gambrell)
The things girls will do for fashion is quite ridiculous, and they'd rather steal from someone who earned those clothes, instead of working for them themselves.
It's truly quite saddening.
Also, I liked this month's Beauty Blogger story, called Monster Ball by Eva Chen. It's abotu Lady Gaga and her entertaining fashion sense and her promotion of MAC Viva Glam products for AID research.
I just adore Lady Gaga, because she's not affraid to wear something totally crazy and fierce. In a way, she's a bit of a role model, someone to look up to that cares more about how she sees herself than everyone else.
Overall, this edition of T.V. was awesome! I loved it! <3

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