Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Remember Me

This movie is really sad, and I almost cried at several points.
Robbert Pattinson stars in this movie, that takes place in mostly 2001, and it leads up to September 11Th.
My mom actually didn't like this movie, she thought it was weird,
but I,
I really connected with it.
Like Caroline, the little sister who goes to her first sleepover and gets half of her hair chopped of among other cruel childish-bullying things.
At one point, sweet and artistic Caroline was me.
I was like the little girl standing in the foyer unsure if she should join the group.
I was like the little girl telling her big brother not to smoke and believe in him.
And other parts, like in the very beginning, when the mother was robbed and shot in front of an 11 year old Ali,
it broke my heart.
I know of love,
and I know of heartbreak.
And this movie tells the story of both.
I suggest you watch it with an open mind and prepare to be enlightened.

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