Saturday, July 24, 2010

Illiterate People

I can't stand those people!
They message you on facebook saying "hey" or "sup" with no capitals or punctuation or grammar!
Or, if your like this one girl I know, they post something on your facebook wall, and they spell your name wrong. On your wall. With your name almost all over the page.
For example, I got a post on my wall once that said

"siera you shouldnt have that pic up of you it bad and you get in trouble with yur parents and thats not good just wanted to let you know okay"

First of all, my name is spell C I A R A, not Siera, which isn't even the correct spelling of that spelling of my name.
And second, there is no punctuation. No commas, periods, apostrophes, colons, etc. !! Seriously?!
And third, the capitalization in this wall post is horrendous.
I can't stand people like this, who don't know how to type sentences correctly.
Thank goodness my boyfriend is just as literate as I am.

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