Thursday, August 19, 2010

From Long Sleeved to No Sleeves

If you are like me, you have problems with long sleeved shirts from pajama sets and the winter season clogging up your drawers. Well don't worry, because I have a solution. Just take a long sleeved shirt and immediatly you'll have a chic summer top.

If you're worrying about wearing a bra under this thin shirt, you can do what I did and use stick ons, which I got from Target for sixteen dollars (Reusable for up to three times) .

Just pull the head opening (Which would work better with shirts with wider openings) over your arms, so it's around your upper body so the long sleeves hang down to the sides. Then follow the folling instructions to make the styles pictured.

Style One: Twisted Halter
Pull the sleeves tight to the middle of your body, and then twist then. Then pull around the neck and tie it on the back of your neck.
Style Two: Under Knot
Pull the sleeves right under your chest and make a knot, letting the end of the sleeves hang down.
Style Three: Criss Cross Halter
Pull the sleeves tight to the opposite shoulder and tie around the back of your neck. Tuck excess folds of fabric under the criss crossed sleeves.
Style Four: Tube Top
Pull the sleeves tight around your back and tie in a knot, giving a smooth front appearance.
Style Five: Casual Low Tie
Pull the sleeves semi tight to the front and tie in a knot, let the rest of the sleeves hang down.

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